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M; Children's and Teenage Fiction


McCombie, Karen

McDonell, Nick
Twelve E78 paperback Atlantic Books 2002. Good condition £3
McKay, Hilary
The Exiles E61 paperback Lions 1993. Good condition £2
The Exiles at Home D63 paperback, Lions 1994. Very good condition 2.49 GBP

Makris, Kathryn

Almost Sisters F51 paperback Collins good condition £3

Manning, Sara

Guitar Girl F52 paperback 1st Hodder 2003 very good condition £3

Marchant, Bessie

No Ordinary Girl F53 Hardback with dustjacket Blackie 1930s good condition £6

Marshall, Jill

Jane Blonde – Sensational Spylet F54 paperback 1st Macmillan 2006 new £3

Martin, Ann M

Meade, LT

A Golden Shadow f89 hardback 1st Ward, Lock etc. 50s good condition £8

Methley, Violet M

A Daughter of the Legion F90 Hardback 1st Cassell & Company 1924 good condition £9

Middleton, Haydn

Come and Have A Go If You Think Youre Smart Enough! F91 paperback Scholastic 1999 very good condition £3

Miles, Keith

City Hospital:

High Rise F92 paperback 1st HarperCollins 1996 very good condition £3

Target F93 paperback 1st HarperCollins 1995 good condition £3

Miller, Hugh
Teen Eastenders: Solid Ground E62 paperback Dragon 1986. Good condition £2

Molesworth, Mrs.

The Green Casket F94 hardback 1st good condition £6

Molloy, Michael

Time Witches F95 paperback 1st The Chicken House 2003 very good condition £3

Montgomery, LM

Anne of Green Gables F96 paperback Parragon 1994 very good condition £3

Anne of the Island F97 paperback Puffin 1994 very good condition £3

Anne’s House of Dreams F98 paperback Puffin 1981 very good condition £3

Morpurgo, Michael

Cool! F99 paperback Collins 2004 as new condition £3

Murphy, Jill

Geoffrey Strangeways G1 paperback Walker 1992 very good condition £3

The Worst Witch G2 paperback Puffin 1978 very good condition £3

Murray, Martine

The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley G3 paperback Macmillan 2003 very good condition £3

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z; Adult Fiction

Sorrentino, Gilbert
Mulligan Stew D60 hardback with dustjacket, very good condition. 56 GBP

Syal, Meera
Life isn't all ha ha hee hee D59 paperback, Anchor 2000. Very good condition 2.49 GBP
Sykes, Plum
Bergdorf Blondes E93 hardback with dustjacket Viking 2004. Very good condition £5


Tracy, P.J

Live Bait D50 Hardback with dustjacket new £7



Voss, Louise

To Be Someone D51 paperback new £5


Walker, Fiona

Lucy Talk D52 Hardback 1st with dustjacket very good condition £5

Watson, Shane
The One to Watch D78 paperback 1st, Macmillan 2002. Acceptable condition 2 GBP

Waugh, Daisy

Ten Steps to Happiness D53 paperback 1st very good condition £3



Zigman, Laura
Her E83 paperback Arrow Books 2003. Very good condition £3

N, O, P, Q, R


Nadelson, Reggie

Bloody London D45 paperback 1st with dustjacket new £5



Patterson, James
Suzzane's Diary for Nicholas D66 hardback with dustjacket. New 18 GBP
, Adele

The Other Woman's Shoes D46 paperback very good condition £5

Pearson, Alison

I Don't Know How She Does It D47 good condition £4



Roper, May

Cutting The Rocks D48 paperback very good condition £3

I, J, K, L; Adult Fiction


James, Erica

Hidden Talents C82 paperback good condition £3

Jewell, Lisa

A Friend of the Family C83 paperback good condition £3

Thirty-Nothing C84 paperback 1st very good condition £4


Kemelman, Harry

Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet C85 Hardback with dustjacket good condition £5

King, Sophie

The School Run C86 paperback 1st very good condition £3

Kraus, Nicola & McLaughlin, Emma

The Nanny Diaries C87 paperback very good condition £4


Lemaítre, Corene

April Rising C88 Hardback 1st with dustjacket new £8

Lette, Kathy

Mad Cows C89 paperback very good condition £4

Lokko, Lesley

Saffron Skies C90 paperback very good condition £8

Various Authors

Adventure Stories For Girls I1 Hardback Octopus Books 1982 very good condition £6

The Kingfisher Treasury of Ballet Stories I2 paperback Kingfisher 1998 very good condition £4

The Kingfisher Treasury of Ballet Stories I3 paperback Kingfisher 2003 very good condition £3

Ballet Stories I4 paperback Carousel Books 1983 good condition £3

Dance Stories I5 paperback 1st Robinson Children's Books 1996 very good condition £16

DETECTIVE STORIES (3 Investigators) I6 paperback Parragon 1996 very good condition £4

Horse and Pony Stories I7 Hardback with dustjacket Hamlyn 1974 good condition £5

A Dungeon Full of Monster Stories I8 paperback 1st Corgi 2001 very good condition £3

Nursing Stories I9 Hardback Hamlyn 1991 as new £5

X, Y, Z; Children's Fiction


Yonge, Charlotte M

The Little Duke H70 Hardback Macmillan and Co 1892 acceptable condition £8

W; Children's and Teenage Fiction


Waddell, Martin

Nappers Big Match H37 paperback 1st Puffin 1993 good condition £17

Walker, Nicholas

Skating on the Edge H38 paperback 1st Macmillan 1992 good condition £7

Watts, Alicyn

Sweet Dreams:

#206 Moonlight Melody H39 paperback Bantam 1994 good condition £15

White, E. B.

Charlottes Web H43 paperback Puffin 1982 very good condition £3

Stuart Little H44 paperback Puffin 1986 good condition £3

Wiggin, Kate Douglas
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm E99 paperback Wordsworth Editions 1994. Very good condition £2

Wilkins, Rose

So Super Starry H45 paperback 1st Macmillan 2004 very good condition £5
Williams, Geoffrey and Searle, Ronald
Back in the Jug Agane E73 paperback May Fair Books 1968. Acceptable condition £5

Wilson, Jacqueline

Wittlinger, Ellen

Hard Love H68 paperback Simon & Schuster 2004 very good condition £5
Wynne, May
The Best of Chums E74 hardback Ward, Lock and co. Good condition £10

Wyss, Johann Rudolph

SWISS Family Robinson H69 Hardback George Routledge year unknown, 1890-1920 very good condition £10

V; Teenage Fiction


Vane, Amber

Dream Ticket:

#2 Freezing Heart H36 paperback 1st Scholastic 1996 good condition £3
von Ziegesar, Cecily
Gossip Girl: All I Want is Everything E89 paperback Bloomsbury 2003. Very good condition £3

U; Children's and Teenage Fiction


Ure, Jean 

A Proper Little Nooryeff H40 paperback 1st Bodley Head good condition £3

Boys on the Brain E72 paperback Collins 2001. Very good condition £2
Nicola Mimosa H41 paperback Puffin 1986 good condition £3

Say Goodbye H42 paperback 1st Corgi 1989 good condition £3

R; Children's and Teenage Fiction


Rayban, Chloe

Models Move On #1: The Starring Role H2 paperback 1st Hodder 1998 very good condition £3

Virtual Sexual Reality H3 paperback Red Fox 2001 very good condition £5

Wild Child H4 paperback Red Fox 2001 good condition £5

Terminal Chic H5 paperback Red Fox 2001 very good condition £3

Love. In Cyberia H6 paperback 1st Bodley Head 1996 very good condition £5

Rennison, Louise

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging H7 paperback 1st Piccadilly Press 1999 good condition £3

It’s OK, I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers H8 paperback 1st Piccadilly Press 2000 very good condition £2

Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas H9 paperback Scholastic 2002 very good condition £2

Roberts, Laura Peyton

Clearwater Crossing:

#11 More Than This H10 paperback 1st Bantam 1999 very good condition £3
Robinson, Catherine
Mr Perfect D79 paperback 1st, Scholastic 2003. Good condition 2 GBP

Ross, Mary

Ice Dancer:

#1 Robyns Skating Challenge H11 Hardback 1st Simon & Schuster 1990 good condition £4

#2 Robyn In A Spin  H12 Hardback 1st Simon & Schuster 1991 good condition £4

Ruffell, Ann

Leaving Home H13 paperback 1st Pan 1987 good condition £3

Ruhen, Carl
Neighbours #6 E63 paperback. Acceptable condition £2

Rushton, Rosie

Best Friends #1: Together E65 paperback Piccadilly Press 1998. Very good condition £2
I Think I’ll Just Curl Up and Die H14 paperback 1st Puffin 1997 good condition £3

What A Week to Fall In Love H15 paperback Puffin 2002 very good condition £3

What A Week to Make It Big H16 paperback Puffin 2002 very good condition £3

What A Week to Play it Cool H17 paperback Puffin 2002 very good condition £3

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